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Established in 1946 as a tuner of the classic VW Beetle, Oettinger Krafttechnische Spezial Anstalt was the beginning of a
wellknown tuner for Volkswagen. As time went on, Oettinger kept on developing solutions for VW and Audi under the name
of Dipl-Ing. G. Oettinger GmbH & Co KG.

Whereas most solutions incorporated the oldskool tuning thorugh capacity increases, some engineering also introduced
technical solutions on offer in advance of Volkswagen and Audi themselves. A milestone at this is the Golf GTI 16S, a
model featuring the inhouse Sechzehnventiler head which gave the mk1 GTI a fisty 136hp and a qualification for
Group 4 homologation. Since Audi had the same engine-specifications, in 4 and 5 cylinder form that is - they too got
tuningkits done.

This homepage has as purpose to display the technical aspects of oldskool tuning done by Oettinger for the watercooled
Volkswagen and Audi products. At first it will present an overview for the different segments, but the plan is to incorporate
more accurate, technical data on the kits as time goes on.

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Overview, Oettinger-kits for Volkswagen/Audi engines:

  1.3 55hp 1.5 70hp 1.6 85hp 1.6 110hp
  1500V 90hp      
  "Super 90"
  85 & 90hp    
  1600VS   100hp 100hp  
  1600E/16       136hp
  1800V   110hp 110hp  
  1800E       125hp
  1800E/16       142hp
  2000E       136hp
  2000E/16       150 & 160hp

sourced from 1979 brochure, 1981 brochure, 1983 brochure, 1985 brochure, 1987 brochure, and articles.

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